Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

I brought it for my mom and shes in love with it
I brought it for my mom and shes in love with it..this is perfect..Super easy set up 10 min..battery last a pretty long time..we took it out doors today took it around her neighborhood to the store and back to the house i say about an 1hour drive non stop battery still on she can go to doc,walmart,mall,stores,out to the park ect..the horn is a little low but its okay..and the turning ratio is pretty good able to cut corners pretty good..
It works -- this is a safe purchase

It's scary buying expensive goods sometimes. We got this for a specific event and it exceeded expectations. It's pretty fast and will go all day on a full charge. It might even literally run all day on a charge. But attending a convention, there was a lot of driving it and it only showed a slight discharge.

The break in suggests going to full charge and running it until it gets to half charge. We rotated through family members playing on it every afternoon for a week to get it to half charge.
Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

My husband uses this scooter and loves it It is comfortable has good maneuverability, and he is a large man ( 250 lbs. )We bought it 6/2016 and it is now 5/2019 and it is still going strong, and we have not even bought batteries for it. AMAZING ! He does not use it much daily but at times uses it for many hours at a time ( ex. Theme Parks, Nature park boardwalks ). We are more than satisfied.

It doesn’t have the ability to make tight turns.
Hi, this Scooter is not my first from Pride.
I have a GoGo model, it was and still is a very
Reliable Scooter! My decision to purchase the Scout model was I needed to have a four wheeler for medical reasons. I’ve had it now almost for a week, and I’m very happy with my choice!
Great product with one serious flaw for senior users

This is a great product for the price. It was well packaged and super easy to assemble. It has several adjustments that allow it to work with different body types. I have only one complaint and it applies in cases where a senior user needs to use the battery charger. The plug and socket used on this scooter is NOT SENIOR FRIENDLY. It requires fine motor skills, good close up vision, and modest hand strength to insert. The plug has 3 prongs that must be aligned carefully before it will fit in the socket. Moreover the socket is low on the scooter forcing the senior bend at a awkward angle to operate it. For a normal healthy adult the socket is easy to use but if you have arthritis in your hands and if you fine motor skill are weak you'll have a problem doing this without help.
So good that I bought two!

I recently bought my wife a conversion van. You know, the type where a handicapped person can enter the van while seated in a wheelchair by means of a ramp. All the time she had insisted that I obtain a wheelchair for myself, but I am not handicapped, so I got the Drive Medical Scout Spitfire for her to use. Then, one day I needed to go to a doctor's appointment at a large medical facility on a military base. In my experience, walking all the way from the parking lot to the doctor's office was painful, because I have back problems. So, I used my wife's Scout. What a relief! I liked it so much, that I ordered another one for myself. One reason I decided to get a second one is that it is easy to disassemble and place in the bed of my pickup truck.


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