I want to know the recommended products for Baby Gate

Elf Baby Baby Gate Safety Stretching  Gate

It is a white and simple shaped baby-type baby gate. The front and rear doors can be opened and closed easily with one hand, and the auto-close function that automatically closes and locks the door is included. The door is 60cm wide and easy to enter and exit, and the door fence is 5.8cm apart, so you don't have to worry about your baby's head or body getting caught. There are 8 sizes and 4 types of optional expansion frames.

Body size: H74cm
Installation width: 124-131cm
Material: Steel + ABS
Perfect steel gate mounting width 70-94cm with manufacturer warranty

This is a white sliding baby gate with auto-lock, auto-close and double-sided release functions on the door. If you attach the lever with the side that cannot be seen by the baby, you don't have to worry about how to unlock it. The step cover for preventing tripping can be attached to only one side, so the baby gate can be installed just in front of the door.

Body size: W67.5 × H67.5 × D4.5cm
D10cm (when one side of the step is attached)
D17cm (when both sides of the step are attached)
Material: Steel and others
Installation width: 70-94cm, up to 94-103cm with optional expansion frame

CO-Z Baby Gate Baby and Gate Pet Gate Safety Gate Circle Gate
This is a white-pull baby gate with an orange color on the adjustment screw. The door with auto-lock / auto-close function can be opened both front and back, and can be left open when there is no baby. It can also be installed in front of doors or on stairs. There is a set of body and 7cm or 14cm extension frame, and only 7cm extension frame is available for sale.

Body size: W73-90 × H78cm
Installation width: 75-82cm
Material: Steel, plastic

Tance Gen Wooden Baby Gate with Auto Close Function

A wooden frame free-standing baby gate that is easy to adjust to the interior. The colors are natural, light brown and dark brown. The door that can be opened 90 degrees back and forth is equipped with an upper and lower double lock and an auto-close function. It can be installed in front of the door or under the stairs, but it cannot be used on the stairs. Because the distance between the fences is narrow, it is possible to live between babies and small pets.

System unit size: W70 X H74.4 X D4cm
Installation width: 74-84cm
Material: Beach material (lacquered)

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